Barstool 02

The Barstool 02 was designed by me between April and June 2010, I consulted with Jakub Korous and Martin Žampach, engineering models were done with Martin Žampach and prototypes were produced by LUGI. In february 2011 Barstool 02 earned me the nomination for CzechGrandDesign awards in the category Newcomer of the year. The development lasted from June 2010 till April 2011 and the stool is in production by LUGI furniture maker.

The concept for my first co-operation with LUGI was to show wood craftsmanship, attention to detail and technology that represent the LUGI brand. I decided to do a barstool since it is my favorite typology in furniture and since its tall proportions allow for very visible constructional work.


Barstool 02 by Matej Chabera



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